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just as it was found


Sustainability is at the heart of this bottled water business

"We use a customer centric delivery model, which hinges on the customer also focusing on the power of recycling - empty glass bottles are collected once the new bottled are delivered."

"Bottled water can't be sustainable unless we improve on how we deliver products to our customers.

twelve degrees - just as it was found

CRAFTED has partnered with a premium bottled water company - twelve degrees natural spring water.


We can now offer our subscribers this incredible product which has the following benefits:

  • High Quality glass bottles

  • Natural Spring Water bottled at the source in Dullstroom

  • Bottle Recycle scheme to reduce your carbon footprint


Monthly deliveries based on consumption model - you decide how many cases you want to start each month with, and we will make sure you are stocked with that every month!

Recycling of bottles allows customers to receive a natural spring water premium glass bottle product delivered to your home, for the same price as plastic bottles.

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