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Quality, Refinement, Experience.


Curated for your taste

"Wine is more than just a beverage.  It is from more than just a winemaker. 

It is also far more than a bunch of fermented grapes. 

Wine is an experience that one can treasure for a life time.”

Discover hidden gems...

CRAFTED has partnered with Squires Wine - a brand new enterprise, co-founded by Jeremy van Heerden and Callum Rutherfoord; to create CRAFTED Sommelier. 


The purpose of this offering is connecting unique ‘’under the radar’’ fine wine producers to inquisitive wine enthusiasts throughout South Africa.  The Squires founders have been a part of the wine industry for a collective 15 years, and have more recently found themselves seeking out quality producers who create exceptional small batch, handcrafted wines.

“We have made it our mission to bring you an experience that would otherwise not be attainable.  This is through our finely curated cases of wine that will allow you to traverse and dissect the greater Western Cape in the comfort of your own home! Whether it be with a group of friends or by yourself, we aim to invigorate your taste buds with some of South Africa’s hidden wine gems.  We will be working with some of the industry’s top producers as well as some of the new and exciting “young guns” who are making strong headway in the wine industry.”

This, together with the personalised selection based on your taste preferences, ensures that CRAFTED Sommelier is an experience you will look forward to every month.

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