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Extending and Amplifying our PURPOSE



Thinking about working in a different way

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With a company purpose rooted in enabling growth for small and medium sized enterprises, CRAFTED started a journey with a disruptive model for getting craft beer on tap straight into peoples homes.  Now, CRAFTED is excited to extend our offering while staying true to this purpose; by creating spaces for small and medium sized businesses to thrive in.



We want to help grow small and medium sized businesses in every way possibble.  Our collaboration space is priced at costs that no other company could compete with - specifically to provide the environment and facilities to help small businesses grow.

Our entry level subscription offer of 5 days a month is perfect for this - work from home as far as possible, then use our great facilities and central location to meet with current and prospective clients.



Extend your CRAFTED experience

Current customers of other CRAFTED products/services, suppliers to CRAFTED, as well as start-up businesses looking for an environment to help stretch their legs are able to receive special offers on space - contact us for your specific pricing!

Just a couple of minutes from The Mall of Africa in Midrand, this location is prime for doing business throughout Gauteng.

Some of the benefits of using CRAFTED Collaboration space:

· Access to offices and boardroom with flexible subscription offers

· Spacious area with social distancing as a priority

· Free WiFi

· Access to large patio areas for your informal business functions (including craft beer on tap)

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