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Tap In to the Community


That is where the passion is

At CRAFTED, we partner with the small guys.  The producers who have a tough time getting their products into locations that have been dominated by the big guys.  We hope that this approach can help these businesses grow, thus creating job opportunities across the country (thats really what we need, right?!)

Straight from the brewery, to your home

Fresh n' Tasty!

Kegged beer, delivered to your door, everything you need to dispense is part of the subscription.  

All you need to do is pour...


We partner with the highest quality small-batch microbrewers to produce products that ensure your specific tastes are catered for.

A simple subscription gives you access to this personalised beer experience, together with a service focussed offering that ensures you have craft beer on tap at any time, from the comfort of your own home.

Choose from various subscription offers that suit your needs - we provide everything you would need to have your favourite beer on tap and ice cold all the time!




"The Netflix of beer!"

We know what you like, so we make sure you have more of it!  Personalised options to make sure you always have exactly what you enjoy.


Full Service Offering


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